I’ve been involved with TPBB for yearsand I’ve benefited in many ways,
both personally and professionally.

Steven Raj, Miners National Bank

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Congratulations on your new home Twin Ports Business Builders!

For years Twin Ports Business Builders (TPBB) has been residing on the internet in their first home, living there happily and contentedly.  But now, the TPBB family has outgrown its homestead.  It wasn’t a matter of not having enough bedrooms for everyone, or not enough off street parking.  It was a matter of wanting a fresh new look for our ever growing membership and for a new home to carry us into the next decade of growth in the Twin Ports.

I’m proud to say I’ve been a member of Twin Ports Business Builders since April of 2011.  At that time I created and chaired the third chapter of the group, basing ourselves in Hermantown (Skyline Chapter) to go along with the other two chapters located in downtown Duluth (Lakeside Chapter) and West Duluth (Bayfront Chapter).

Time has passed and my life as a Realtor has led me to joining the Lakeside Chapter in 2016.

Twin Ports Business Builders has been bringing entrepreneurs, salespeople and business owners together in this area for as long as I’ve been selling Real Estate, founded in 1999.

Speaking of selling Real Estate, the market is abuzz with activity.  As interest rates continue to rise back to normalcy, home buyers are rushing to get into their new homes while their payments are still low.  Mortgage borrowers are saving thousands of dollars by purchasing while interest rates are still down.  And TPBB has Realtors, Loan Officers and Title Companies to help you through your home buying or selling process from start to finish.

In 1999 when I became a Realtor and bought my first house in Duluth with my wife I was just 22 years old and interest rates were 8%.  Now we have a family of 4 with my two young daughters and interest rates are almost half that.  At that time, even though I had just received my Real Estate license, I used an experienced Realtor to help me find a home that would be a great fit for us and to help me through the negotiation process.  There are few decisions bigger in a person’s life than buying a home and having someone with the experience to guide us through that process was invaluable.  Since then, my wife and I have moved to multiple homes, each time getting a step or two closer to our dream property where we’d like to retire.

I would love to help you take those same steps in life toward that dream of home ownership.

And, if you have interest in joining the Twin Ports Business Builders family, don’t hesitate to contact us.  There is plenty of room for you in our new home and our doors are always open.