I’ve been involved with TPBB for yearsand I’ve benefited in many ways,
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Steven Raj, Miners National Bank

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Choice, Flexibility, and Meaningful Interactions at your Home Gym or TPBB

When I was offered the opportunity to write a blog for the Twin Ports Business Builders website, I started brainstorming for a topic. It occurred to me that Twin Ports Business Builders and what I do – building home and workplace gyms, have a lot in common.

Will it be worth it?
Building a gym and joining a business group, require some level of commitment. Will you make time to use your gym or go to meetings? If you climb on to that elliptical will you use it long enough to make it count? When you go to your networking group, will you leave with opportunity? Both the gym and the networking group offer what you’re looking for – to benefit from them, your mindset matters. It’s your job to make it count.

Make it work for you
Home gyms offer the ultimate in flexibility, no packing, no parking, no pesky time sucks. . Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted. At TPBB we meet twice a month. You are in at 9am and out before 10:30am with business connections and a positive start to your day. If it the timing doesn’t work – at home you can squeeze in a workout as dinners cooking at TPBB there is no punishment for missing a meeting for the same reason, the group works best when we’re all there – but sometimes it’s just not possible.

In a commercial gym setting – you see them hovering, wanting/waiting for whatever machine you’re on – or maybe you’re the one doing the stalking, eyeballing other gym members wondering who else is going to make a move as soon has it’s free. In open networking events, you can pretty much predict the audience, a handful of business owners and managers looking to make meaningful connections, and a crowd of sales people eyeballing the room, looking for their next buy. In your home gym, and at TPBB meetings – there’s no eyeballing, no sharks stalking your every move. Just a comfortable workout or a setting where you can actually make those meaningful connections.

Another day, another dollar(s).
Commercial gyms and other business groups like to remind you of their value by constantly billing you – monthly membership fees, or an annual fee with more money expected at meetings. Some business groups even make you come with names of your contacts for other members to target… it starts to feel like a hit list – which of your friends do you throw to the wolves this week? A home gym is a one-time expense that you can benefit from for a lifetime. Twin Ports Business Builders is an annual fee of just $75… if you’re wondering, that’s only $6.25 a month.

Rules, who needs ‘em
Commercial gyms often have more rules than they have equipment, and most business groups force business owners into a narrow lane. At your home gym, you make the rules – if you want to work out in your pajamas, who’s to stop you? (Unless you have a slightly dramatic, and opinionated teenager in the house that is constantly mortified at everything you do…) At Twin Ports Business Builders, we are encouraged to be who we are. Not every business person wears slacks or dresses, some wear boots, some wear leggings. TPBB meetings encourage members to share their business and, their personality at all times.

More than a networking group
It’s hard for most people to not feel awkward walking into busy gym or a big networking group without feeling nervous or anxious. Home gyms let you embrace your inner loner, or invite in only those you want to be part of your fitness routine. Twin Ports Business Builders groups become more than a “group” – you’ll find friends that pull for your business. Even if they can’t offer referrals, you may find someone with the answer to an accounting question, a personnel problem, or just a someone that can always put a smile on your face by always spreading the good word about your company.

If you want to embrace meaningful interactions, choice, and flexibility - with a home guym - Call me. If you’re looking for all of that in a networking group - Call the team that has been pulling for Northern Fitness Solutions.

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