I’ve been involved with TPBB for yearsand I’ve benefited in many ways,
both personally and professionally.

Steven Raj, Miners National Bank

Started in 1999, Twin Ports Business Builders is a local organization that helps our members share business referrals and business opportunities.

Twin Ports Business Builders has helped many individuals that rely on referrals to generate sales. Twin Ports Business Builders is a membership of social and business networking. Our main objective is to provide the tools to network more effectively and to increase the number of referrals, which can be cultivated into sales.

Each member of our group is an ambassador to each other. When there is a mention for a particular need, our members will find solutions. We share the insight and knowledge we have of other businesses within our group in anticipation of that referral becoming a sales opportunity.

Each membership group has only one member per business profession. For example, if you are an Accountant, and we already have an Accountant within our membership group, we can refer you to another local membership or help your start a new one. We have several membership groups that meet at varying times each month. Please visit our website or contact us for specific meeting times and locations.

You are allowed to be a member of up to two membership groups as long as you are the only profession within that membership, and you follow the attendance and participation policy for each group.